“I have been in a wheelchair for over 1o years due to an accident and the vibraboard has really helped me with unlocking my leg muscles and loosening them up.  I really like putting it on low frequencies and relaxing to sleep on it”

Jim R, Dallas TX

“The Vibraboard has helped me to reach my top game as a basketball player looking for that extra edge and performace.”

Reid Wilson, Utah

“Being Sedentary the Vibaraboard really helps me to function and get the lymph moving throughout my body. I used it 3-5 times a day. I Love my Vibraboard.:

Jenny Weiss, Oregon

“As a computer programmer , spending 16-20 hours a day in front of the computer the Vibraboard has made all the difference in my health. I wake up and roll onto it and sometimes just plain fall asleep on it. I really feel the difference in the blood pumping through my body.”

Bill Blace, New Jersey

“Parkinson’s has afflicted me for the last 10 years and the Vibraboard has made all the difference in the world helping me cope with this affliction.  I always feel better when I am on it and for many hours afterwards.”

Helen Grace, Wisconsin

“My name is Margaret and I have lived in  a nursing home for over 10 years now , losing my family, the Vibraboard and the ion foot machine have helped my health tremendously as I bed ridden most of the day.”

Margaret Thatcher, Kansas


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