Vibraboard Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use it for?

This is entirely up to you. For frequencies above 30 hertz, more than a few minutes will probably be too intense. For frequencies of 25 hertz and lower, 15 to 30 minute sessions are average, but sessions lasting up to 2 hours are not unheard of.

How should I lie on the table?

In whatever way is most comfortable, either prone, supine or on your side. A pillow under the head will decrease the vibration to the brain and is suggested. You can also place pillows under your feet or knees. When using Vibraboard specifically with the lungs and chest, place your mid to upper back directly over the motor by sliding down the table and raising your knees up with your feet at the end of the table.

Why do I feel itchy after using Vibraboard?

This is caused by a histamine release and for most clients it is a reaction that decreases and often disappears with time. We believe this to be a beneficial detoxification reaction.

Why does Vibraboard make me feel so good?

Vibraboard stimulates the proprioceptive nerves (the nerves that sense your posture) and in so doing suppresses the nozioceptive nerves (the nerves that transmit pain messages). This, added to the increase in endorphins can significantly decrease your pain level.

Why are there two sets of legs?

The shorter legs provide the most stable configuration and are used for when the client will be standing on the table. The longer legs are less stable but allow for greater transmission of the vibration to the client.

Is it meant to be so unstable with the higher legs?

Yes. The unit needs to have a degree of & play & or freedom of movement to operate at the lower frequencies. The unit is very strong and can hold up to 280 pounds without difficulty. The only precaution is that clients should try to get off and on the table without pushing it sideways as this is very stressful to the joints.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

The legs of the table should be checked to
make sure that they are tight, and the nuts and bolts that hold the motor in place should also be regularly checked to make sure that they are not loosened by the vibration. Other than that, there is no maintenance required. The motor is designed to operate for a lifetime without any lubrication.

Can I add more padding?

Yes. You can put additional padding between
the mats to make the unit more comfortable. This will not affect the lower frequencies but higher frequencies will be dampened by more padding. Camping mats work well. The brand I use is the inflatable Thermarest available at most camping outlets.

Can I get custom sizes?

Yes, we can make the units in any dimension.
If you work with taller clients (basketball players) we can make the units longer. If you work with heavier clients (football players) we can make the units wider.

Can I do massage or adjustments on the table?

Absolutely. In addition, if your technique
requires the units at a custom height, just let us know and we can arrange it.

Are there CPT codes for the unit?

Yes, they are…


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